• Synergy

    Synergy lets you create the space you've always dreamed of.


    With its semi-framed design and exposed glass edge doors, Synergy has been created to open out your shower space for seamlessness and harmony throughout your bathroom.

Designed by: Robin Levien

Robin Levien

Robin Levien is one of the UK's most consistently successful product designers of the last 25 years. His Space collection for Ideal Standard, which allows customers to make use of the most awkward spaces, has won an impressive number of awards for innovation. From corner toilets to drip-free taps and beyond, Studio Levien has consistently designed products revered the world over.

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  • Showers & Accessories

    Showers & Accessories

    Showering refreshes and rejuvenates the body....

    Showering refreshes and rejuvenates the body. Customise your shower to meet your needs with our range of showers and accessories. Our extensive collection includes showerheads, wetroom components and accessories, which both look good and are easy to maintain.

  • Baths & Accessories

    Baths & Accessories

    The bath is a visual centrepiece to the bathroom...

    The bath is a visual centrepiece to the bathroom and can be a striking design piece.