Relax. Unwind. Revive.


First thing in the morning, an Idealrain shower can become your wake up call; transforming your bathroom into a place of invigoration. Idealrain inspires and re-energises you. It puts you in the right frame of mind to make the most of the busy day ahead, so you can step out of the refreshing rain and into your world.

Relaxation or reinvigoration?

The system

Pure relaxation. Pure pleasure

Idealrain lets you shower in the way that suits your mood. So you decide whether to stand in a hot, relaxing downpour, be refreshed by a fine, tropical mist or experience a full, monsoon massage. Different shower settings can be determined with a single touch of the ergonomically-designed, spray pattern selector. You choose whether to feel refreshed and ready to start your morning, or completely relaxed at the end of a day.

Wide spray coverage

Idealrain features large shower heads, convex faceplates, 10 degree angles and nozzles right to the edge of the spray plate. This ensures a wide rain effect, soaking you more thoroughly for greater showering pleasure.

Save water, energy and money

Water is one of our most precious resources. Idealrain is cleverly designed and precision manufactured to help you reduce water consumption without compromising on comfort, enjoyment or reliability.
Intelligent water flow: Idealrain‘s precision-designed flow engine delivers optimal spray performance. The additional, easily fitted and removed flow restrictor, reduces water consumption in high-pressure systems from 18.5 l to just 8 l with no loss of flow.

The classically elegant choice

All Idealrain Classic attachments and fittings are designed to work with each other – and with items from other collections. So you can plan your shower precisely. Choosing a single piece or a whole system. Matching handsprays and thermostats, sliding bars and head showers, to fit your space, budget, style.

The contemporary choice

Whether you want a simple shower kit or an all-in-one shower system, Idealrain Cube works. All Idealrain Cube handsprays and head showers are compatible with Ideal Standard thermostats, sliding bars and other Ideal Standard collections. So your shower can follow the geometry and the purity of your overall bathroom design.

The robust choice

We’ve designed and built Idealrain Pro to be ultra durable, and extremely economical in use. Perfect for professional settings; like hotels, public washrooms, civic amenities, airports… The handspray’s slim lines contrast with its strength and reliability. The elegant wall mountings are actually heavy duty fixings. The shower’s performance is outstanding and its looks are long lasting.

Idealrain is available for

  • Handspray

    Idealrain‘s designers had a simple brief: to make...

    Idealrain‘s designers had a simple brief: to make showering the most pleasant experience it can be. The result is a collection that provides the highest level of comfort, performance, safety and usability. From easy-to-clean surfaces and watersaving technologies to innovative touches you‘ll appreciate every time you take a shower.

  • Rainshower

    Every aspect of the Idealrain collection has been...

    Every aspect of the Idealrain collection has been created to make showering a true pleasure; from the large shower heads with edge-to-edge spray nozzles that envelope you in a warm, soaking downpour – to easy-to-use controls. High and low pressure compatibility helps maintain the right rate of water flow, wherever you are.

  • Complete solutions

    Indulge in the all-enveloping sensation of...

    Indulge in the all-enveloping sensation of standing in a warm, summer’s downpour. Idealrain’s all-in-one shower systems can switch water flow from the handspray to overhead rain shower, instantly. Wall brackets are adjustable. Sliders change heights at the push of a button. Even installation is easy.

All Idealrain products

  • Showers and Accessories

    Showers and Accessories

    Showering refreshes and rejuvenates the body....

    Showering refreshes and rejuvenates the body. Customise your shower to meet your needs with our range of showers and accessories. Our extensive collection includes showerheads, wetroom components and accessories, which both look good and are easy to maintain..

  • Bathroom Taps & mixers

    Bathroom Taps & mixers

    Bathroom taps and mixers come in a variety of...

    Bathroom taps and mixers come in a variety of styles because we know that the finishing touches can make or break a room. Browse our collections to find the perfect design that works for you.