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Concept Blue: Clever design

The latest range of fittings to feature a basin mixer with Blue technology. Concept Blue mixers and taps and have been designed to complement the Concept range but would also perfectly enhance other ranges. They offer a wide choice of innovative fittings that combine distinctive design and high performance features to guarantee quality, comfort and ease of use.

Save water, energy and money

Designed for visual appeal and flawless practicality, Concept Blue fittings are also engineered to be smart on the inside. They include features – like a flow limiter and a Click Cartridge – that help you reduce your household bills without compromising on your comfort. But it’s not just about saving water and energy. Concept Blue fittings also improve water hygiene.

More intelligent water flow

By reducing the amount of water held in the Concept Blue fitting by 80 %, there is less water to flush through and reheat. That also means there is 80 % less water in the tap to stagnate and allow bacterial growth.
IdealBlue technology is a unique nickel and lead free technology, designed specifically for basin mixers. Water passing through the IdealBlue technology never touches chrome or nickel; the copper pipes are not plated on the inside, while all water-bearing surfaces are made of plastic. IdealBlue technology anticipates and exceeds new European Drinking Water Directives.

Click technology

Classic-outlet models feature the Click water-saving device to reduce consumption by 50 %. Ecological and economical, the 40 mm Click Cartridge allows you to easily control, monitor and reduce your water.

Fittings are available in

  • Basin fitting

    The Concept Blue basin mixers are engineered to...

    The Concept Blue basin mixers are engineered to use less water and energy thanks to features like the flow regulator and the fact that less water is held in the tap when it is off. Saving energy and water also saves you money and those savings add up fast…

  • Bidet fitting

  • Kitchen fitting

    Extend the Concept Blue fitting also to your...

    Extend the Concept Blue fitting also to your kitchen to help you save water energy and money.

  • Bath and shower fitting

    With busy families, time is often of the essence....

    With busy families, time is often of the essence. That’s why we’ve designed Concept Blue to give you high flow rates so your bath fills quickly, whatever your hot water system, including the lower pressure gravity systems that are common in this country.

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