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Ideal Standard Wishlist

How to use the wishlist

Ideal Standard's wishlist makes it easy to bring together the products you need to make your perfect bathroom a reality.

The basics

Finding your wishlist

You will always find your Wishlist at the top right corner of the page.
Hovering the mouse over it and you will see the latest products added to wishlist. Click to sign in and view your wishlist in full.

Adding and removing products

Next to every product you'll see an "Add to Wishlist" button. Click this to add the product to your wishlist.

To remove a product from your wishlist, click the "Delete from wishlist" button in the wishlist.

Functions for guest visitors

For guest (unregistered) visitors, we will keep your wishlist for the duration of your visit. If you would like to save your wish list so you can come back to it later, transfer it to another device or share it with others, you'll need to register.

  • Download product information
    Click on the "Download information" button. In the menu box that appears, select everything you want to download (product datasheets, pictures, technical drawings, 2D and 3D CAD files). All the files for all products in your wishlist are downloaded in a single zip file when you click "Download".
  • Print wishlist
    This prints a simple overview of your wishlist. The print-out includes all the products saved to the wishlist. If you are logged in, your comments included too.
  • Clear list
    This remove all products from your wishlist, so you can start again with an empty list.

Functions for registered visitors only

Register now to make the most of your wishlist. It's free!

  • Wishlist manager
    You can create up to 20 wishlists in your account and save them permanently. The wishlist manager helps you to keep them organised.
  • Change the active wishlist
    New products are always saved to the active list. By clicking on the “make active” icon next to your chosen wishlist overview or on the name of your list, you make this the active list, so any products you add go onto this list.
  • Managing wishlists
    You can create PDF catalogues from a wishlist or delete old ones that you no longer need.
  • Create new wishlist
    Click on the button "Add new wishlist" to create a new list.
  • Working with your active wishlist
    Selecting a list in the wishlist manager makes it the active list and allows you to edit its contents directly.
  • Renaming lists and adding comments
    By clicking on the pencil icon you can rename the wishlist and add or update comments.
  • Download product information
    You can download product information for all the products in your wish list in one handy ZIP file.
  • Print list
    Print a simple overview of your wishlist and your comments.
  • Create a PDF catalogue from your wishlist
    Click on the "Create PDF catalogue" button to output your wishlist as a personalised PDF catalogue. The catalogue includes all the products saved to the list.
  • Share your wishlist
    Share your wishlist with a friend or bathroom professional by email.
  • Clear or delete wishlist
    Clear your wishlist by emptying it of all products. The list itself remains until you delete it. If you delete all of your wishlists, a new, empty one will automatically be created so there's somewhere to collect any products you're interested in.

Register now and benefit from the full range of wishlist features.