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Child bathing in corner bath.

Space to play

With a bit of imagination, even an awkward bathroom space can become a playground. A spacious corner bath gives youngsters plenty of wiggle room at bathtime. And it’s cleverly designed for easy installation, even in the tightest of spots.

Family using white bathroom sink.

No more knocks

Sharp corners are a no-no for families with little ones. A bathroom suite with rounded edges is a much safer bet. The soft squares and oval interiors of the Jasper Morrison collection have made it a modern classic, so you can make your bathroom stylish as well as safe.

White trolley unit storage.

Creative decluttering

Family bathrooms often become filled with a jumble of stuff you might not want on show. There are a number of products in the Softmood range designed to tackle this problem, from push-to-open drawers to flexible storage like the Softmood 650ml trolley unit. This combines portable seating with hidden storage, so it really earns its place.

Thermostatic sink tap.

Stay safe

These days there’s a multitude of products designed to make your bathroom a safe haven. Simply combine the ideas that work for your family, from cool-body taps to shower fittings with thermostatic controls to help prevent scalds and burns. And don’t forget to fit storage cabinets high on the wall, well out of the reach of small hands.

IdealClean coating on shower door.

Easy to clean solutions

Family + bathroom = mess. But who wants to spend their bathroom time cleaning? Ideal Standard's IdealClean coating repels water and helps prevent the build up of lime scale, making the enclosure easier to clean. And Click and Clean, concealed fixings and smooth surfaces make your shower or bath screen a cinch to maintain.