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Discover the most exciting small bathroom design ideas and start to create your dream bathroom

Using clever design ideas in a small bathroom can really maximise the space and give the sense of a much larger bathroom. Get inspired with our space enhancing tips.

A stylish small bathroom with open plan design

Bathroom ideas - whatever the size

Many of us need to make the most of a compact bathroom - they are rarely over-generous in size. Each bathroom has its own natural boundary, however what most of us really appreciate is the amount of free space to be found as we move between the loo, the shower or bath, and the basin. When it comes to remodelling, with clever bathroom design we can achieve amazing results - whatever the size.

Relaxing bathroom fragrances creating a spa atmosphere at home

Open plan design for the small bathroom

To create maximum space in a small bathroom we should aim for an open-plan design. Non-essential furniture should be removed and if a screen is required consider using atoughened glass panel. Investigate whether you can hide pipes, conceal the cistern or even install a wall-hung toilet. What about a Concept Corner Basin? Try de-cluttering your bathroom by stowing away most of your products. You’ll be amazed at the increased feeling of space in just minutes.

A large bathroom mirror providing storage and a sense of space

Atmosphere and ambience - a bathroom for all the senses

Your bathroom should be a place in which to relax while you refresh. Subtle changes can transform the ambience. For example, why not create your own spa-like atmosphere with a soothing fragrance. There’s a wide choice of diffusers, scented candles and sprays on the market. .

A large painting or mural can bring a bathroom to life

Look into your bathroom mirror

Think about the way you display bathroom mirrors. They have a dual role, firstly to assist you with grooming, skin care or make-up, but also to create a mirage of extra space. A carefully-hung large mirror will always create a new dimension to your bathroom and help to distribute light. Smart design will also ensure the light on you is well reflected in every mirror. Another way to achieve the illusion of greater space is to decorate a facing wall with a floor-to-ceiling laminated wall mural. By introducing a mountain lake, forest trail or even a city sidewalk, this will bring a magical touch to your bathroom and magnify its actual size

Bathroom with vibrant wallpaper and natural lighting.

Make a statement with bathroom wallpaper

If dramatic effect is your thing, you can make a statement by introducing a vibrant wallpaper design on one wall. This has the effect of distracting you from the true size of your modest bathroom. Careful choice of colour and style will bring theatre into your most intimate domestic space.

A mix of colours and materials for a beautiful bathroom

Textile tactics to complement bathroom design

Bathroom design presents opportunities to mix soft, warm textiles with glass, marble, ceramic and wood. Deep-pile bath rugs and smooth-timbered shower duck boards offer a welcome alternative to the cool touch of ceramic floor tiles; unless you enjoy under-floor heating. The sight of a bath full of steaming water and bubbles is enhanced by a display of white cotton, fluffy towels in various sizes on the heated rail close by