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Hidden Toiletries

Use clever storage to stow your products

Keep your bathroom uncluttered and maintain those sleek clean lines with some clever storage ideas. Stow your shampoo and hide your hand cream in our extensive range of bathroom cupboards

Bathroom with toiletries

If you yearn for a contemporary bathroom, then consider storage ideas as a must. Think about nifty areas you could turn into storage havens. Perhaps you can find space to add a small cupboard? Ideal for bulky purchases that require storage – think multiple rolls of toilet tissue and large packs of disposable nappies (if you’re at that stage of life). If you’ve got a more compact bathroom, put up some door hooks; these are perfect to hang toiletry bags and will keep hair products, makeup and bathing lotions organised.

Bathroom accessories

Create cupboards to be proud of

Contemporary bathroom ideas will generate super savvy inside cupboards with door-mounted storage cups and drawer dividers. Sliding trays can be used to keep toiletries organised, label each one so that every member of the family has their own space; perfect for personal face cloths, assorted sponges, kids’ bath toys, medicines and a mountain of fresh fluffy towels.

Bathroom storage

Use jars and pots

Store cotton buds and makeup brushes in glass jars; they look great and can easily be stowed away in a cupboard. If you’re a sucker for samples, store them in a large glass pot. When guests come to stay they can dip in and if they forget a toiletry, you don’t have to worry about them using yours!

Bathroom products

Find them a new home

Of course, you don’t have to keep all your toiletries in the bathroom. Items like hand lotion, perfumes and makeup can be perfect dressing table accessories. Some products are only used at particular times of the year, so why not stash away your summer-sun care products, hay-fever remedies and winter treatments? Even medicines and first aid kits can be kept elsewhere. Try filling a plastic box with all your medicines and keep it in a safe kitchen cupboard, out of reach to little hands.

Under basin storage

Give them away

Your bathroom may also offer sanctuary for well-meant toiletry gifts that failed to appeal. Free up some valuable space, quietly bag all unopened gift items and hand them in to your local charity shop? These toiletry tips will free up bathroom space; your most valuable asset.