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Energy Saving Choices

Save energy on your hot water and heating

If you are updating your home why not upgrade your water & central heating systems at the same time? These four tips will save you energy and money!

Contemporary shower head

Combi boiler

Did you know that hot water accounts for about 55% of your domestic energy bill? An efficient Combi boiler can save you £300 a year; no wonder it’s the UK’s most popular choice. A Combi boiler is an all-in-one water heater and central heating unit. With this option you enjoy hot water on demand for your shower or bath and the boiler uses mains water without the need for a separate water tank. This makes it compact and cheaper to install than conventional boilers.

Solar panels for hot water

Why not use heat from the sun to warm your water? Depending on the angle and orientation of your roof, solar panels present a popular, eco-friendly energy saving choice. A conventional boiler is normally used as a backup, especially during the winter months. Once you have paid for installation, all the solar-generated heat is free.

Heated floor and shower unit

Ground Source Heat Pump

You can also enjoy free under-floor heating in your bathroom by installing an environmentally-friendly Ground Source Heat Pump with pipes buried in the garden. Depending on the size of your garden, the pipes will extract heat from the ground and laid either horizontally two metres deep or down by 50 - 100 metres. Extracted heat is normally used to warm water for radiators or to provide warm-air heating. The pre-heated water can also be used by a more conventional boiler.

Thermostatic controlled radiators

Managing the temperature of your bathroom will also enable you to save on your energy costs. Use a thermostatic controlled radiator or towel rail along with the central heating programme timer and possibly a room thermostat.