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Water Saving Ideas

Water saving solutions for an eco-friendly bathroom

We use more water in the bathroom than anywhere else; to save water here will have a dramatic effect. Here are some simple tips to reduce our water consumption and enjoy an eco-friendly environment in our bathroom


Showering to save water

Replace your shower head with an eco-friendly model such as our Idealrain shower head or reduce the time the shower is running, especially when you’re shaving or brushing your hair.
Think of a bath as a luxurious treat while you shower daily. Baths easily use more than double the amount of water than a shower

Bathroom mixer tap

Washing and shaving

Install a low-flow tap to your sink with click technology to reduce water consumption by 50%; check out our Concept Blue range.
You can easily save water while brushing your teeth or shaving by reducing the flow

Toilet in bathroom

Flushing away money

Install a dual flush toilet; which allows you to choose an economy flush.
Our toilets cisterns are designed to save water by offering a reduced flush volume
Now you’ll not only save water but also reduce your water bills