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The influence of a single orchid

Add a focal point to your bathroom

Add plants to your bathroom to bring a splash of colour and a focal point. Orchids thrive in a bathroom environment and bring a sense of the exotic to your space.

Bathroom with orchid

Add an orchid to your bathroom

Contemporary bathrooms are minimalist havens with concealed cupboards, secret hideaways and sleek shelves. As stylists of these clutter-free sanctuaries, we’re often guilty of placing too many accessories like candles, glass jars and vases to complete the look. But maybe we’re missing a trick. An orchid is the perfect bathroom addition because it’s so easy to maintain, beautiful to look at and a natural focal point.
Orchids thrive in bathrooms; the warm, steamy atmosphere mimics that of a tropical rainforest. So why not bring new life to your bathroom?

Free standing bath with plants and orchid

Health and wellbeing

Select one of sixty scented orchids with a fragrance to love. Your orchid will even release oxygen while you sleep and cleanse the air to ensure you feel fully rejuvenated after your morning shower. Did you know? Orchids also rid the air of paint pollutants, making them an ideal plant for recently renovated bathrooms.

Bathroom basins with orchid

Period style

If you have a traditional bathroom, introduce an orchid to create an air of opulence. Choose an orchid that matches a key colour in your period style bathroom. Most bathroom plants, including orchids, thrive on a shelf or window sill. If you don’t have any natural light in your bathroom, consider growing Aloe Vera in a pretty pot to add a natural tone to your space.