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Make-Up Storage Ideas

Top tips to organise make-up in the bathroom

Hands up if you feel like you can never find the make-up products you want. Is this because your drawers and bathroom cabinets are cluttered with old and new items? Follow these three easy steps to create the most organised bathroom

Cupboard with make up and toiletries

The big bathroom storage clear-out

Empty all of your drawers and cabinets on the floor and go through each make-up product and divide them into sections. The sections will consist of:
a) Special occasions – these are the items that your wear when you are heading out for the night to a restaurant or bar, but you wouldn’t use every day to the office or college.
b) Everyday items – These items are your go- to-everyday products that you wear on a daily basis.
c) Products you never use – If there are products that have been lying in your drawers for months, and have never been touched, get rid of them. Why not donate them to charity or offer to a friend who might wear them?
d) Expired products – These products are never going to be worn so why should they clutter up your bathroom? Throw these items straight into the bin.

Countertop basin with make up brushes

Categorise products into types

Keep your everyday items separate. These products need to be stored in an easily accessible area at the front of your drawer or cabinet. All the other items should be sorted into types i.e. all your lipsticks grouped together and eye shadows laid side by side. You then want to give each type of product a designated space within your bathroom cabinet or vanity unit. You can use small open cardboard boxes to create dividers within your drawers of the cabinets. Try not to pack products on top of each other as this makes them harder to find. Rather, find a space to place each individual product.

Bathroom wall unit with mirror

Keep your bathroom organised

Now that you have an organised bathroom with all your beauty products in their designated areas within your bathroom cabinets, the priority is to keep it that way. Take the time to put each product back in the correct area after use. You’ll save time in future!