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How to maximise natural light

Making the most of natural daylight in your bathroom

Most of us know that whenever daylight fills a room it positively affects our mood and brings benefits to our health and well-being. Natural light is a valuable asset; by taking a few simple steps we can exploit it and reduce the cost of electricity at the same time.

Bathroom with natural light

Love your window

Check out your bathroom window. Did you know, decorative textured glass allows up to 84% light transmission and maintains a degree of privacy?. Windows should be regularly cleaned inside and out; it really does make a difference. Curtains or blinds should be drawn back as far as possible and any remove any clutter on the window sills.

blue bathroom with mirror

Position your furniture with care

When thinking through your bathroom design ideas, it’s worth making sure that no bathroom furniture is partly blocking some of the light. Within the bathroom there are different ways to get the most from natural light. The careful positioning of large mirrors will help radiate brilliance around the room and every shiny surface, whether gold, brass, chrome or silver will also amplify the light. When you choose bathroom accessories you can maximise the light with glass shelves, translucent tumblers and see-through soap trays. Another way to benefit from the daylight is to style your bathroom décor with light colours on the walls and ceiling; this will bounce natural light round the room.

Dark and light bathroom with window

No windows? No problem

What if you have no window? If there’s natural light beyond your bathroom door, could you replace a solid door with one that is glazed? Consider if it’s possible to install a solar tube to channel light through the roof or fit a skylight if you have a sloping ceiling.