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Small bathroom solutions

Concept Space

Slim basins and compact wcs shave precious centimetres off the projection which makes a big impact on user comfort in small or awkward spaces.
A slimmer design for more room to manoeuvre.

Shaped to fit

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Bathrooms have evolved to suit our modern lifestyle – but many have awkwardly positioned windows and doors that mean that standard products don’t fit neatly. The Concept Space range includes the Spacemaker bath which tapers to fit around problems areas.

Space saving

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The design combines a contemporary square aesthetic with an ergonomically curved internal back rest for comfort or a contemporary angular shape with an ergonomically curved internal back rest for comfort.

Fitted or freestyle

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Flexibility is at the heart of the Concept range and Concept Space furniture takes that idea one step further. Many of the new pieces can be combined in any way you choose and have a modular design which allows for mixing pieces from the freestyle and fitted ranges.

Space solutions

  • Shaping Up

    Small room

    There’s no such thing as a standard bathroom; they range from small guest bathrooms to grand, master bedroom affairs.

  • Shaping Up

    Medium room

    One thing they do all have in common is the fact that a stylish and intelligent use of space will enhance their visual appeal, and make them a joy to use.
    The floorplans opposite are just some of the possible configurations, suggested to help you see the possibilities.

  • Shaping Up

    Large room

    Even more helpfully, all the different items in the Concept range can mixed and matched to suit your plans.

  • Small room

  • Medium room

  • Large room

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