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Water aid initiative to teach schools that "every drop counts"

Armitage Shanks, a leading provider of innovative and design-driven bathroom solutions, is inviting schools across the UK to become involved in their latest initiative to help save precious water and support Water Aid, an organisation transforming lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world's poorest communities.

To take part in the new initiative, schools simply need to ensure that their contractors use Armitage Shanks products purchased from one of the Plumb Center's 490 branches. For every order, Armitage Shanks will make a donation to Water Aid on behalf of the school.

If a school upgrades just two school washrooms (approx. x4 WCs, x4 urinals, x4 washbasins), Armitage Shanks will donate enough to buy a community water pump. If cumulatively 15 washrooms are upgraded, Armitage Shanks will donate enough to provide a sanitation block for a 300-student school in Africa. Each school to take part will also receive an ‘Every Drop Counts' wall plaque to highlight the commitment which has been made to water saving.

Updating school washrooms provides attractive new facilities with high durability and low maintenance. School washrooms might be one of the smallest rooms in the school, but they are also the most highly frequented, and can have the biggest impacts on pupil health, education and happiness.

Armitage Shanks has been a key supplier to schools since 1910. The company has worked with local authorities for over 100 years to advance performance of school washrooms. Water saving products designed for schools include:

WCs: Contour 21 back-to-wall WCs (305mm and 355mm) flush on 4.5 litres of water instead of the standard 6 litres

Taps & Mixers: Contour 21, Sensorflow 21 and Avon 21 taps and mixers are supplied with a 5 litres/minute flow water regulator.

Urinals: Timed automatic cisterns provide urinal flushing only during the school day. Sensorflow user detection ensures a urinal is only flushed when it has been used. Aridian waterless urinals do not require water, they are the ultimate water saving urinal.