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One in five parents feel bathtime is more stress than splash

Follow Ideal Standard's quick and easy tips to make bathtime with your children safer and less stressful

Bathtime is a great way to bond with your child, but for many parents, the experience is fraught with worries about safety in the bathroom. Ideal Standard International, leading provider of innovative and design driven bathroom solutions says research reveals one in five parents resort to getting help bathing baby from a family member or their partner, or even avoid bathtime altogether.

Parents' worries are understandable; over one million children under the age of 16 attend A&E departments as a result of accidents in the home every year, and over 10% of these accidents occur in the bathroom. Moreover, 40% of parents don't have any safety provisions in place in their bathrooms.

Ideal Standard has teamed up with parenting expert and practicing family doctor Dr. Carol Cooper to create some handy tips for parents to help prevent unnecessary accidents and create a safe and fun-filled environment for family bathtime.

  • Supervision – "Never leave your child alone in the bath, even if your child can sit up alone or you are using a baby bath seat. Drowning is the most common cause of death in babies and young children and can happen in less than an inch of water so popping out for even a second is never a good idea," advises Carol. "At bath time you need to focus all your attention on your child so try to gather all supplies ahead of time and avoid getting distracted by the phone or the doorbell. Let voicemail handle your calls and don't be tempted to text or check emails either."
  • Water temperature – "The right water temperature is extremely important for a safe bath," says Carol. "Make sure the water is a comfortable, lukewarm temperature as a child's skin is more sensitive than an adult's and what is slightly warm for you can cause your child a serious burn." Carol advises checking the temperature by dipping your elbow in the water as this is more temperature sensitive than your hand, or for accuracy use a bath thermometer. If your child often comes out of the tub looking red, the water is too hot. Hot taps can be just as dangerous, so ensure you keep your child away from them where possible. If you can, turn down the hot water thermostat in your home too if you can to help prevent accidents if a child turns on the tap.

Ideal Standard has a range of thermostatic bath mixers s that use technology to keep the tap safe to the touch as well as safety stops to limit the maximum water temperature. Ideal Standard's range of Ceramix Blue mixers uses innovative COOL BODY technology to prevent the body of the tap from getting hot, offering you enhanced safety and peace of mind. Ideal Standard recommends installing the Ceramix Blue bath and shower mixer (RRP £172) to allow your children to play safely in the bath.

  • Avoid slip ups –"Children enjoy playing in the bath, but since they don't have the natural caution that grown-ups have, slips and tumbles happen all too easily. A lot of parents bathe children together, but horse-play increases the chance of mishaps so a non-slip surface becomes all the more important," advises Carol.

For extra safety, Ideal Standard suggest fitting a FIRST bath (RRP from £300), which has a lower step-in height of just 48cm, 7cms less than an average bath, making it particularly easy for small children to get in and out. The lowered height also gives you easier access to your child when bathing them.

  • Storage –"It is very important to keep all dangerous products safely tucked away from little inquisitive hands," says Carol. "The bathroom isn't really an ideal place to keep medicines and cleaning products anyway as it is often too damp for storage," advises Carol. "You may also like to keep all cleaning products in one place, like a kitchen cupboard fitted with a child-resistant latch. Once you do that, you will have far less to store in the bathroom and can choose a smaller wall-mounted bathroom cabinet which avoids a jumble of things falling out when you open it."

The Concept furniture range by Ideal Standard offers a number of high wall-mounted storage solutions to keep potential hazards safely out of harm's way. Prices start from RRP £161.

  • Hazards – "Before bathing your child, scour the bathroom for any other potential hazards your child might find – it's surprising how many there can be that you may not have even considered. Children love to find out how things work and fiddling around is your child's way of learning, so it's no surprise that little fingers get hurt by closing toilet lids," says Carol. To avoid this, Carol recommends fitting a soft-close toilet seat with a resistance function. "Your child will feel grown-up putting the seat up and down themselves, and they won't make an irritating noise when they're lifted and dropped repeatedly. You'll appreciate the quietness later on, when your child is older and getting to the loo alone in the night and will eliminate the seat slamming on little fingers."

Ideal Standard recommends the CONCEPT slow close seat and cover, RRP £100, to eliminate hazards and prevent accidents.