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British bathtime in decline but water wastage continues

  • Almost a quarter of the nation no longer take a bath at all
  • One in 10 of us now showers more than once a day
  • We leave showers running for 1 minute 45 seconds before getting in, wasting up to 60 litres of water before EVERY shower
  • Average UK shower length: 8 minutes 5 seconds with wettest areas of the UK (Wales and Scotland) taking longer

Having a soak in the tubs is on the decline in Britain, with almost a quarter of the country no longer bathing at all. The research has found that Brits would much prefer to opt for a shower.

While we think we are saving water by having a shower, their increased frequency of and quantity of water used in extended showers could mean our water-saving efforts are rather futile. In fact, nearly three quarters of people leave showers running for an average of 1 minute 45 seconds before getting in, wasting up to 60 litres of water before EVERY shower.

4 out of 5 (83%) adults admit they have no idea how much water they use on an average day. On average, people estimate they use just 46 litres of water each day, but in reality it is more than three times that amount, at 150 litres.

The survey of 1000 adults by bathroom manufacturer, Ideal Standard, found that we spend an average of 8 minutes 5 seconds in the shower each day. Changing lifestyles and exercise patterns have also increased the amount of time we spend underwater, with around one in ten (8%) adults stating that they shower more than once a day.

The study also found that places where people are most likely to run the shower before getting in and take longer showers, are the wettest places in the UK - Wales, Scotland and the North West.

Tony Rheinberg, water saving expert at Ideal Standard, said: “Our research shows that whilst people are conscious of saving water and are taking more showers and fewer baths, expensive bad habits such as leaving the shower running before getting in and spending an excessive amount of time in the shower, demonstrates the majority are oblivious to how much water they actually use and waste.

“With increasing household bills putting the squeeze on hard-up households across the UK, it’s very surprising so many people have never considered installing water saving products in their homes. This highlights the lack of awareness around sustainable water usage and the options for the bathroom which can help save water and save money at the same time, without compromising health and well-being.

35-44 year olds seem to be the most water-aware with 84% of them admitting to being conscious of their water usage. Younger adults on the other hand are not quite so concerned, with only 35% of them having considered buying water saving products.

Jacob Tompkins, managing director of not-for-profit water efficiency organisation, Waterwise, added: “We have seen a massive take-up of the water saving message in the past few years, but we started from a low base and these figures show that there is still a lot of work to do.

“The UK has less water per person than places like Spain, and London gets the same rainfall as Jerusalem, at the same time heating water is a quarter of people’s energy bills and water bills themselves are rising. People need to be aware that saving water is not only good for the environment but for their wallets too.”

Average shower time per region
Wales 9:16s
Scotland 8:30s
North West 8:26s
Yorkshire 8:19s
London 8:18s
East Mids 8:11s
West Mids 8:02s
East Anglia 7:49s
North East 7:30s
South East 7:26s
South West 7:24s