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Ideal Standard International Continues to Support the Water Label

At the Forefront of Water Efficiency

Ideal Standard International is committed to making a difference to reducing water wastage and acts on this through the development of innovative water saving technology. It has developed hundreds of water saving products over the last decade.

The Water Label gives consumers a variety of choice and price ranges with all listed products now having a new and easy to understand label. It is similar to the energy label seen on fridges and washing machines and shows at a glance how much water a product actually uses. The scheme is managed by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association which represents over ninety of the most well-known bathroom brands in the UK.

Ideal Standard International has been registered with the Water Label from launch. With over 450 products currently registered on the Water Label and plans to have all products listed on the label in the near future.

The demands of modern living have seen water usage increase by 55% over the last 25 years. In the UK, the average person now uses 150 litres of water per day, with 63% of all water usage coming from the bathroom.

As we use more and more water our planet’s natural resources are threatened, putting future supplies under greater pressure. At Ideal Standard we are committed to delivering change through product innovation, addressing the challenge of reducing the amount of water being used.

Ideal Standard International has recognised the need to develop more water efficient products and has introduced innovative solutions. Available are a selection of WC’s offering 4 litres of water for a long flush and 2.6 litres of water for a short flush.

All Ideal Standard basin mixers are fitted with a 5 litre per minute water regulator, therefore saving water by over 40%. Low capacity baths are available, offering a soak whilst using 20% less water.

There is a comprehensive offering suited to the non-residential sector, including the Aridian waterless urinal and Sensorflow brassware which detects when a user is present.

Blue Technology - Saving Water, Energy and Money

Developed with sustainability in mind, the Concept Blue fittings showcase Blue technology - a revolutionary system engineered to use less water and energy. The amount of water held in the tap when closed is reduced by 80%, meaning less water is wasted. The low water content reduces the time taken to achieve the selected water temperature by seven seconds, saving both water and the energy to heat it.

Concept Blue pays for itself – saving water and energy saves households money, and those savings soon add up. The calculated saving from the basin mixer featuring Blue technology and a 5l/min outlet flow regulators is £174 per year giving a payback period of less than nine months*.

Keith Boad, UK Cluster Leader comments: “Engaging as many people as possible is the key to success. Merchants, retailers and installers need to be up to date with product developments in the water saving arena and how to advise their customers on the best products for them. The whole industry supply chain needs to have an understanding of the scheme to provide the consumer or specifier with the best information possible to aid their purchase. The Water Label will help in that communication.”