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Ideal Standard launches new Concept Countertop basins range

New stylish range of countertop basins combines practicality and affordability with ability to personalise design

Ideal Standard, a leading provider of innovative and design-driven bathroom solutions, has launched the new Concept countertops basin range. Designed with stylish practicality in mind, Concept countertop basins provide the perfect solution for your bathroom or washroom project.

These contemporary basins complement the Concept collection of innovative storage and modern accessories. Designed by the award-winning UK designer Robin Levien, the new range gives users the flexibility to design their bathroom to suit their individual taste, space, and needs at a similarly affordable price for the Concept range.

The simple, yet stylish, countertop basins are available in ‘drop in' and ‘under pin' styles, allowing homeowners and specifiers to choose their preferred design, with the flat surface of the basins making them quick and easy to clean. Available in three designs - Oval, Sphere or Cube - Concept countertop basins fit seamlessly into any space and provide the perfect solution for creating a stylish, yet practical bathroom.

This versatile range is ideal for bathrooms with specific requirements in terms of style and space and is available in a range of sizes and styles to suit your individual needs.

Key Features:

The Concept countertop basins collection offers a variety of choices for personalised solutions to optimise style and comfort, including:

  • Modern style with 3 design shapes – Oval, Sphere and Cube
  • 14 models available in a range of dimensions (including those with and without tap deck)
  • ‘Drop in' or ‘Under pin' styles
  • Large surface area around the basin
  • Flat basin surface allowing for easy cleaning